On the phone

Put though – connect – hold (on) – call (back) – ring (back) – return (a call) – transfer

Tohir : Hello Brother, Can you put me through to your Manager, Mr. Umar? Tohir founder of Sharing Service is speaking.

Officer: Sure, Hold on… I’m sorry sir, I can’t connect you to him. He has meeting right now. I can transfer you to his assistant’s line for taking a massage?

Tohir : No, Thank you, maybe I’ll call you back. If I don’t ring you back, can you tell him to return my call?

Officer : I’ll be…

By e-mail

Attach – log on – save – click – delete – undo – search

Hi brother Faqih,

I got our photos that you attached to my e-mail when I logged on to my computer this morning. That was great at glance. I tried to download and save it in a hurry when our mom had me take her purse. Unfortunately, I clicked on wrong button. So, it was gone. I deleted it instead! I could do nothing that time. I tried to undo over and over, I searched for nothing. Could you send it again? I need very much because I want to print it out at once.
Many thanks


e-mail – forward – call up – wipe – print

Dear Tohir,

I’m pleased you said that you would print it out. I will e-mail you again. I heard that our elder sister wanted it too, but I don’t have her e-mail address. You should be able to forward it to her. Could you?
I’ll try to call it up and post to you. Don’t wipe it anymore…before it happens, you are supposed to print a copy to keep it.


By post

Mail – wrap – deliver – courier – receive

Today, I am going to mail my letter to my beloved mom in Kebumen Kingdom. I wrote it in dawn morning and put a stamp on it. If I have got a package, I wrap it and go to post office to deliver it for me. Postman is about to courier it for me and it will be received safely. I know for sure… will you stay with snail mail?

By Fax

Come through – get – dial – redial – cancel – run out – load

To : Akhmad Faqih
From : Tohir – UQsan
Date : 04.08.2013

Dear Faqih,

I hope this fax come through successfully. I have had a terrible time trying to get it to you. I did dialing and redialing your number for about 3 hours. At the beginning of faxing, I thought the machine was broken. I wanted to cancel it and went home. Fortunately, someone told me that the paper was running out and he assisted me how to load the paper into the machine. Actually, I never used it before. Now, I know it well. Thanks…