This session, I’ll post article about the advantages of building PC by yourself. there are many benefits if you do it, this information may be able to stimulate you to assemble some great components you need…
check it out.

There are many incentives:
1. Lower cost
PC makers (manufacturers) producing amount get big price breaks because they buy components in huge volume. But they also need to pay for the components and the labor to assemble them. in other hand, they need to support such expensive operations as research and development departments, tool-free support numbers  and so on.
Therefore, they sell their product by high price. If you build your own PC, you will SAVE your money much more.

2. More choice
when you buy a PC, you will get a cookie-cutter computer. you can choose such options as a large HD, more memory, or a better display, BUT basically you get what the vendor decides to give you. You can’t obtain better specification. when you build a PC, you decide exactly what goes into it you want and need.

3. Flexible design
One of the best things about building your own PC is that you can optimize its design to focus on what is important to you and ignore what isn’t. when you build it, you can spend your money on things that matter to you, not things that don’t.

4. Better component quality
Most computer vendors cut costs by using cheaper OEM versions of popular components if they’re “visible” (brand name: ATI or NVIDIA video adapter) and no-name component if they’re not. The buyers seldom ask about (check) or notice, such as motherboards, optical and hard drives, power supplies, and so on. Component vendors usually do not support OEM versions directly, for example,instead referring you to the system vendor. If that system vendor goes out of business, you’re out of luck, because the component maker provides no warranty to end users. When you build you own PC, you can choose better components and good quality.

5. No bundled software
Most purchased PC include Microsoft Windows. If you don’t want or need this software, building a PC allows you to avoid paying the “Microsoft tax”. You can install Linux or other OS.

6. Warranty
The retail-boxed components you’ll use to build your own PC include full manufacturer warranties that may run from one to five years or more, depending on the component. PC makers use OEM components, which often include no manufacturer warranty to the end user.

7. Experience
if you build the computer, you know exactly what went into it, and you’re in a much better position to resolve anu problem that may occur.

8. Upgrades
If you design and build your own PC, you can upgrade it later using industry-standard components.

Reference :The Book of Building the perfect PC by Robert & Barbara